List of model numbers for order

Item Product name Model number for order Remarks (Minimum order)
Main unit functional NIRS equipment Spectratech OEG-16H 1 set
Maintenance supplies Sensor part (L, R) 1.5m Spectratech OEG-16H-01-0115 1 each of L, R Cable length 1.5m
Consumables Sensor band Spectratech OEG-16H-01-02 1 pc (1 pc preattached to Main unit)
Consumables Headband Spectratech OEG-16H-01-03 1 pc (1 pc preattached to Main unit)
Maintenance supplies Carrying bag Spectratech OEG-16H-03 1 pc (1 pc preattached to Main unit)
Option Consumables Adhesion pad Spectratech OEG-16-01-04 6 sheets
Maintenance supplies Sensor cover Spectratech OEG-16-01-05 12 pcs
(12 pcs preattached to Main unit)
Maintenance supplies Sensor adaptor Spectratech OEG-16-01-06 12 pcs (When attaching to the live body by oneself)
Maintenance supplies Optical Phantom Spectratech OEG-16-02 1 pc (1 pc preattached to Main unit)
Maintenance supplies BNC cable for external signal input Spectratech OEG-16-04 2 pcs (2 pcs preattached to Main unit)
Maintenance supplies BOX for manual event trigger input Spectratech OEG-16-05 1 pc (1 pc preattached to Main unit)
Option Velcro tape kit Spectratech OEG-16H-01-0101 6 different-length Velcro tapes
Option Trigger distributor 1IN 5OUT Spectratech OEG-16-101 1 pc (Common to Spectratech OEG-16)
Option Event distributor 1IN5OUT Spectratech OEG-16-102 1 pc (Common to Spectratech OEG-16)


Spectratech OEG-16H-01-0115 Sensor part (L, R) 1.5m

It is the same as the sensor preattached to Spectratech OEG-16H Main unit. The cable length is 1.5 m. (The connector is not compatible with the sensor for Spectratech OEG-16)

Sensor part (L, R) 1.5m

Spectratech OEG-16H-01-02 Sensor band

The sensor band is a part to touch the live body directly. When it has become dirty with sweat, etc., please use a new sensor band.

Sensor band


Spectratech OEG-16H-01-03 Headband

The headband is made of a very soft material (Neo Plain) so that a strain may not be applied as much as possible to the live body. If it is used carefully, it can be used for a long time, however please understand it as consumables.



Spectratech OEG-16-01-04 Adhesion pad

Without using Spectratech OEG-16-01 head module, it can experiments by making it adhere to a concerned portion of the live body using this adhesion pad. Since the adhesibility is the same material as the adhesion pad used for an electrocardiograph, it is not so strong. When it is used in the frontal lobe, please press it down firmly with Spectratech OEG-16H-01-03 headband after being mounted. Although it is not so practical, a possibility to be able to experiment even in an environment of a little intense movement may become higher since it adheres to the live body. It is possible to use it also when conducting a metering experiment on the belly, and the arm, etc.


Adhesion pad

Spectratech OEG-16-01-05 Sensor cover

It is a cover to protect the optical surface of the sensor of Spectratech OEG-16H-01. If the sensor cover has been mounted when not using the sensor, the optical surface (light-receiving part, emitting part) is safely managed. Although the required covers are preattached to Main unit, please order it when it was lost, etc.

Sensor cover


Spectratech OEG-16-01-06 Sensor adaptor

You may use this sensor adapter when you experiment by mounting Spectratech OEG-16H-01 sensor to your own pad, etc. The sensor adapter can be mounted in a 12.7-mm hole being made at your own pad side. About 1 mm in thickness is suitable for the pad.
Aron alpha in the general mark, etc. can adhere the sensor adaptor to your own pad though it may depend on the material in the pad side. (Material of the sensor adaptor is ABS resin.)

Sensor adaptor


Spectratech OEG-16H-01-0101 Velcro tape kit

It is a set of 6 Velcro tapes. It can be used it for both the sensor band and the headband. Please use it according to the size of subject's head.

Velcro tape kit


Spectratech OEG-16-101 Trigger distributor 1IN 5OUT

It is used to give a trigger simultaneously to multiple OEG-16H Main units with one external trigger factor. 5 connecting cables (3m each) come with it.

Trigger distributor 1IN 5OUT


Spectratech OEG-16-102 Event distributor 1IN 5OUT

It used to give an event simultaneously to multiple OEG-16H Main units from a BOX for manual operation event trigger input (Spectratech OEG-16-05). 5 connecting cables (3 m each) come with it.

Event distributor 1IN 5OUT



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